Tellurium Q Ultra Black
Tellurium Q Ultra Black
DKK 8.800
pr. sæt


Kablet som startede Tellurium Q, den første målsætning.
"naturalness , timbres and dynamics of these connectors are so remarkable that my packing and sending back is really very, very difficult - if it even still happens.”

HiFi+ Review
"Whatever you do, don’t audition the Ultra Black. As I said before, once you do, there’s no going back.”

HiFi World: Soundbites Review
“What the Ultra Blacks will do for your record collection is to both extract the fine detail from within and reveal its personality. The Ultra Blacks will lay bare your music, getting under the skin of each recording.”

HiFi Pig Review
“clarity is the only word I can really find to describe the effect of these cables, and I must admit (as a cable sceptic full stop) it shocked me”.”



Terminering: Berylium zPlugs eller spader

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