Simaudio Evo 600i
Simaudio Evo 600i
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Meget rost integreret fuldt differentieret dual mono forstærker på 2 x 125 watt i 8 ohm og 2 x 250 watt i 4 ohm.

Nye teknologier inkluderer: M-eVOL2 volumenkontrol, med helt enestående 530 step... som tillader en ultrapræcis volumejustering. Nye MOON udgangstransistorer, specielt designet til forstærkerne, giver strammere og mere kraftfuld basydelse, samtidig med flot linearitet over hele frekvensområdet. Indgangstrinnet reducerer støj og forbedrer lydbilledets fokus som aldrig før. 2 x 125 watt lyder ikke af meget, men vent til du hører den - kræfter i massevis.

Absolute Sounds, Robert Harley:

"Forget everything you know about integrated amplifiers ...

... the 125Wpc 600i will never win the “most-watts-per-dollar” contest, but it would win just about any other contest that judges design, build-quality, and fit ’n’ finish. The 600i is impeccably made in every way. From its fully balanced, dual-mono architecture (unusual in an integrated amplifier) down to the feel of its remote control, the unit exudes a sense of luxury and refinement that overlays some serious hardware inside the chassis ...

I had high expectations for the 600i based on my previous experience with Simaudio’s integrated amplifiers, but that didn’t prepare me for just how great this amplifier sounded ... The 600i never failed to involve me in the performances, encouraged long listening sessions, and continued to reveal strengths over the weeks the amplifier was in my system—all signs of a great product.

The 600i sounded like expensive separates, not an integrated amplifier. The first thing that struck me was how resolved and dimensional the music was. The soundstage was richly layered, with depth portrayed along a continuum and a real sense of bloom around images. More importantly, the 600i resolved individual instruments and musical lines anywhere along that depth continuum, creating a sense of musical vividness.

... a big part of the 600i’s immensely compelling musical performance was no doubt the result of the amplifier’s timbral purity. The upper mids and treble had no grain and edge, giving the entire presentation an inviting warmth that drew me into the music ... Throughout the auditioning, a defining characteristic was the 600i’s extremely tuneful and dynamic bass. Bass guitar lines were rock-solid, with visceral grip accompanied by propulsive power ...

The Simaudio MOON 600i is simply a great product in every way - design, execution, tactile feel, ergonomics, and musical expressiveness ... If you want the sound quality of a separate preamplifier and power amplifier in a compact, beautifully engineered package, I can't think of a better choice than the MOON 600i."


Ydelse: 2 x 125 watt i 8 ohm (2 x 250 watt i 4 ohm).
Princip: Dual-mono, fuldt balanceret og differentieret.
Vægt: 21 kg.

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