Brinkmann Bardo
Brinkmann Bardo
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After long years of interest, research and development, Helmut Brinkmann constructed the magnetic direct drive turntable Oasis. Since this project was well received by music lovers all over the world, they decided to release a second model, BARDO that features the magnetic direct drive motor and is inspired by the design of our top-of-the-line models Balance and LaGrange.

The picture shows the standard model BARDO with the magnetic motor drive and platter of the Oasis turntable, with acrylic platter top and standard small metal housed power supply. It can also be purchased in 3 possible upgrade stages.

Upgrade stage 1 features the metal cased power supply that is used for the Balance and LaGrange turntables instead of the standard power supply. The result is a more defined bass response and a wider room imaging.

Upgrade stage 2 features a glass platter mat and a record clamp instead of the black acrylic platter mat that is shown in the picture. This results in a finely extended dynamic resolution.

Upgrade stage 3 is the combination of upgrade stages 1 and 2, giving the BARDO nearly the bandwidth and dynamic resolution of our big turntables.

The tonearm base of the BARDO can be rotated and fixed without play to allow a simple and precise tonearm adjustment for all tonearms between 9” and 10.5”. We drill the base according to the tonearm that the customer chooses.

The output sockets can be found on the back of the turntable, they can be equipped with RCA or XLR sockets, and it is also possible to install tonearms with DIN connectors or fixed cables.

The two possible speeds, 33 1/3 and 45 rpm, are selectable by a switch at the front of the turntable and can be fine adjusted via two screwdriver holes that are located next to the switch.


Type: Direkte drevet pladespiller.
Motor: Magnetisk felt.
Strømforsyning: Ekstern.
Leje: Vedligeholdelsfri hydrodynamisk.
Tallerken:  Resonansoptimeret aluminium med sort akrylmåtte.
Chassis: 15 mm Duraluminium.
Armboard: Justerbar med quick-release til 9" og 10,5" arme.
Terminaler: RCA, XLR eller igennem tonearm med 5-pin DIN.
Hastigheder: 33 1/3 og 45.
Hastighedsjustering: ± 10%.
Wow & Flutter: 0.07% lineært, 0.035% vægtet DIN 45507.
Rumble: -64 dB (DIN 45544).
Dimensioner (BxDxH): 420 x 320 x 100 mm.
Vægt: 14,8 kg.

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