40 Years Excellence Edition (2xLP)

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In-Akustik har produceret dette 180 g vinyl dobbeltalbum for Clearaudio med et udvalg af forskellige solister. Albummet er udført som Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) på 180 g vinyl.

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In-Akustik har produceret dette 180 g vinyl dobbeltalbum for Clearaudio med et udvalg af forskellige solister. Albummet er udført som Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) på 180 g vinyl.

There are different ways to celebrate an anniversary. We can look back and reflect on where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. Or we can look forward towards future possibilities. Alternatively, we can simply pause and ‘take five’ to be present – right here, right now. Rather like that in-the-moment presence we feel when we’re enjoying superb music, excellently recorded and played. That’s how we’re celebrating Clearaudio’s 40th anniversary. To mark the occasion we’re delighted to present an album of music that embodies our passion for perfection, for nuanced and detailed sound, and for an intimate marriage of creativity and technical finesse. In other words, an album that reflects the key principles by which our founder, Peter Suchy, has lived his life. “Take the best and make it better – only then it is just good enough.” His well-known quote is as valid today as it was 40 years ago, and has inspired a host of colleagues and collaborators along the way.

Peter Suchy is not merely a visionary, but also a highly driven, hands-on creator for whom satisfaction has always represented a dead-end. Ever since the release of his Delta and Sigma speakers in 1978 and the development of his first moving coil cartridges, not a day has passed when he didn’t strive to set new standards for higher fidelity. This mindset continues to underpin our work at Clearaudio. No matter where you’ve come from or where you’re going, if your heart beats to the drum of truly authentic sound then you’ll find Peter Suchy’s spirit, will and drive in every single one of his products – from the most towering turntable to the smallest cable.

Track list:


Charly Antolini - Jammin‘. (Schmid-Grandy, Charly Antolini | Tsg Music). From the Album: Knock Out 2K. Licensed courtesy of in-akustik GmbH & Co. KG

Cameron Carpenter - Toccata & Fuge. (Johannes Sebastian Bach). From the Album: Revolutionary. Licensed courtesy of Telarc International Coporation.

Yelena Eckemoff - Mommys Shawl. (Yelena Eckemoff | L & H Production). From the Album: Blooming Tall Phlox. Licensed courtesy of L & H Production.

Brenda Navarrete - Mulata Linda. (Brenda Navarrete | Alain Pérez, Gradelio Pérez | Cardster Music Co.). From the Album: Mi Mundo. Licensed courtesy of Alma Records


Reg Meuross - England Green & England Grey (Reg Meuross). From the Album: England Green & England Grey. Licensed courtesy of Stockfisch-Records.

Wolfgang Bernreuther‘s New Experience - Stormy Weather. (Wolfgang Bernreuther). From the Album: Wolfgang Bernreuther‘s New Experience. Licensed courtesy of clearaudio

Philip Catherine - Transparence. (Philip Oscar Catherine | Nairam Music). From the Album: Transperence. Licensed courtesy of in-akustik GmbH & Co. KG.

Thomas Siffling - Just A Little Song From St. Lucia. (Thomas Siffling | Emanon Musikverlag). From the Album: Personal Relations. Licensed courtesy of JazzNArts Records.


Hanne Boel - Broken Angel. (Hanne Boel, Martin Hall, Ole Hansen | KODA). From the Album: Unplugged 2017. Licensed courtesy of Sundance Music Ltd.

Friedemann - Wing Your Way, Butterfly. (F. Witecka / M. Faller | Edition Miss U / Vollton MV). From the Album: Echoes Of A Shattered Sky. Licensed courtesy of Vollton Musikverlag GmbH & Co. KG.

Jacques Loussier - M. Ravel - Bolero 7: Prestissimo. (Maurice Ravel). From the Album: Ravel‘s Bolero. Licensed courtesy of Telarc International Corporation.

Charlie McGettigan - Feet Of A Dancer. (Charlie McGettigan | IMRO/MCPS). From the Album: Some Old Someone. Licensed courtesy of Stockfisch-Records.


Sam Yahel, Ari Hoenig, Mike Moreno, Seamus Blake - Us and Them. (Roger Waters, Richard William Wright | Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd). From the Album: Jazz Side Of The Moon. Licensed courtesy of Chesky Records.

Candy Dulfer - Roppongi Panic. (Thomas Bank, Candy Dulfer | CTM Publishing BV). From the Album: Funked Up! Licensed courtesy of Heads Up International.

Viviane De Farias - Luminosa (Luminosa Manha). (Raul De Souza, Viviane De Farias | Encore Merci). From the Album: Vivi. Licensed courtesy of In & Out Records.

180 g vinyl x 2 (dobbeltalbum)