Audiophile Reference Music - Various Artists 180 gram LP

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The ultimate audiophile reference setup music disc. Now available on 180 gram virgin vinyl!

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The ultimate audiophile reference setup music disc. Now available on 180 gram virgin vinyl!

A perfect companion for Paul McGowan’s book, The Audiophile’s Guide, unlocking the secrets to great sound. On the Audiophile’s Reference Music disc you’ll find channel and polarity checks, depth adjustment tracks, center imaging perfection, soundstaging, tuning the bottom end, a burn-in track, and adjusting for small, medium and large groups of musicians. From subtle to fireworks, it’s all here in the one remarkable Audiophile Master. Couple this disc with Paul’s book and together you’ll upgrade your system to new sonic heights you never thought possible.

Recorded in Pure DSD on the Sonoma system, this will be your ultimate reference disc. Comes complete with a 40-page booklet, SACD playable on any CD or DVD player, and a data disc with all the master files.

The Music
01 - Phase Check In
02 - Phase Check Out
03 - Room Bass Response
04 - Purity Test
05 - Center Channel Adjustment
06 - Center Channel Soundstage
07 - Depth Check 1
08 - Depth Check 2
09 - Depth Check 3
10 - Small Ensemble
11 - Simple and Detailed
12 - Medium Ensemble
13 - Big Synth
14 - Drum Solo
15 - Burn-In Track

About the Artists
Whether you are a beginning or an advanced audiophile, once you follow the setup steps in The Audiophile’s Guide, The Stereo, you too will be able to get closer to the sound of live music on the right recordings. Even if you’re blessed with golden ears, the difference between live and recorded music starts to vanish when you are listening on a system that has been properly set up. Between this reference disc and Paul's book, you can make magic with only a few hours of tweaking invested on a Saturday afternoon. The specially designed burn-in track can be used every time you get a new piece of equipment. And the last three tracks on the Reference Music Disc are alone worth the price of the disc. Whether you want to challenge your system, make certain it's working properly, spend a few hours tweaking it to perfection, The Audiophile's Reference Music Disc is a must-have component.This is one direct-to-master recording you don't want to miss out on. Each music track is a sonic treasure available as a direct-to-master exclusively from Octave Records.