Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Level 1 - Green (3-4 stk)

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Første laboratorietestede isoleringsfødder på markedet. Perfekte under fx cd-afspillere eller andet elektronisk udstyr som har brug for afkobling. Belastning: 0,1 - 15 kg pr. stk.
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Ultra Feet er perfekte under cd-afspillere, højttalere eller andet elektronisk udstyr som har brug for afkobling. Ultra Feet findes i flere modeller afhængig af, hvor stor belastning de skal udsættes for.

Første laboratorietestede isoleringsfødder på markedet. 

Level 1:
• Total belastning: 0,1 - 15 kg pr. stk.
• Total belastning v/4 stk: 0,4 - 60 kg.
• Diameter: 48mm
• Højde: 25mm
• Farve: Grøn

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Level 1

Ultra Feet Level 1 is designed to offer an excellent level of isolation, using two elastic materials with different densities. The use of non-specific materials allows a rather high load range, making it suitable for most products on the market.

It is ideal for isolating analogue or digital sources and any type of amplification, but also not very large monitor speakers.

Whenever possible, we always recommend to remove the original electronics feet and replace them with your new Ultra Feet. Instead, it is advisable to keep the spikes of your loudspeakers, placing them in the appropriate slot on the top of the Ultra Feet Level 1.

Often, the electronics do not have an even weight distribution, with the transformers mounted asymmetrically in relation to the footprint. In these cases, we always recommend to position your new Ultra Feet in such a way that the weight is balanced correctly (for example with a 4-piece set and the transformers at the rear, you would have to position three Ultrafeets at the rear and one at the front).

The first fully laboratory tested isolation system

'It drastically reduces the possibility of negative vibrations reaching your components, dispersing energy in the form of heat. Focus on the stage, greater detail and increased dynamics are just some of the parameters that benefit from it.

Why it is important to use Ultra Feet

How do Ultra Feet work?
By exploiting a simple physical principle which allows elastic or viscoelastic materials to absorb the mechanical energy coming from vibrations, transfoming them into residual heat. All our Ultrafeet dedicated to electronics (Level 1 to Level 5) are equipped with two different decoupling materials with different densities. Their function is to dampen a large part of the vibrations coming from the floor (the ones generated by the sound pressure of the loudspeakers) and those generated by the motors of the sources. Obviously, we are talking about micro-vibrations and high fidelity. Therefore, we are perfectly aware that the perfection of the result to which every enthusiast aspires very often passes through the care of these details.

Based on what?
We start from the experience gained over more than 15 years in the field of mechanical decoupling. Our racks (the company's core business) are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world and, as is our tradition, we are supported by a team of engineers who daily study and design vibration treatment solutions for the most diverse sectors (aeronautics, automotive, aerospace, etc.). This experience allows us to generate numbers and graphs which are then transformed into projects - the choice of materials is never random, the ranges of use are studied and tested at an independent university laboratory. Everything is based on scientifically proven data.

Why is it necessary to isolate electronics?
In most cases, the sound reproduction of a music track involves the mechanical interaction between several elements. A striking example is the performance of the turntable: when the cartridge slides within a groove, its movement generates an electrical signal which, appropriately treated, sends the message to the amplification. It is therefore very easy to understand how micro-movements of the cartridge are easily affected by vibrations. If this happens, as is demonstrated here (link 'why a rack'), the musical signal is altered and we can no longer talk about high fidelity. The correct isolation of electronics (especially sources, but also amplifications) makes it possible to limit the 'damage' (i.e. disturbances) that vibrations can cause to the electrical signal, thus providing a more faithful sound reproduction, with an immediate benefit in terms of dynamics, sound stage focus and details.

Belastning: 0,1 - 15 kg pr. stk