Clearaudio Concept v2 MM pickup

Clearaudio Concept v2 MM pickup
1.700,00  DKK

Entry-level Moving Magnet pickup fra Clearaudio.

Leveringstid: 5-7 dage


Entry-level Moving Magnet pickup fra Clearaudio.

Clearaudio's V2 MM technology uses ebony as a resonanceresistant body. Other ingredients of the recipe for success are the most effective reduction of moving mass, an optimized polishing technique for the stylus and highly effective cartridge damping.

The Clearaudio V2 moving magnet cartridges are meticulously measured, analysed, and hand-selected into four performance levels. In this way Clearaudio achieves the best stereo channel matching, minimum phase error and distortion, flattest frequency response and highest dynamic range at each price point.

The cartridges produce an audiophile sound of superlative quality – spatially detailed and vividly textured, with bass that does not wallow and treble that is not harsh. The models of the Clearaudio MM V2 series provide outstanding sound quality on all current tonearms.

With the exception of the MM concept V2, which is made of aluminium, all the cartridges in this series are made with housings of hand-polished ebony – the key to record-breaking weight values.

Total mass: 8.6g (± 0.2g)
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Output voltage (1kHz, 5cm/s): ~ 3.3mV
Channel separation (1kHz): 20dB
Channel balance (1kHz): 2dB
Tracking ability: 80μm
Recommended tracking force: 2.2g ± 0.3g
Coil impedance (1kHz): 0.66kΩ
Coil inductance: 400mH
Load resistance: 47kΩ
Load capacitance: 100pF
Cantilever / stylus shape: Aluminium / elliptical
Compliance: 15μ/mN
Cartridge body: Aluminium

Download user manual - MM V2 Cartridges


Kort beskrivelse

Entry-level Moving Magnet pickup fra Clearaudio.

Leveringstid 5-7 dage
Type Pickup
Frekvensområde 20Hz - 20kHz