Clearaudio DaVinci v2 MC pickup

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Innovativ klassiker indenfor Clearaudio's MC-pickupper.

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Innovativ klassiker indenfor Clearaudio's MC-pickupper.

With a total weight of only seven grams, a Micro HD stylus, rigid boron cantilever and 90-decibel dynamic range, the MC da Vinci V2 provides all that is required to open up new horizons of sound dynamics and tonal homogeneity.

Classic design for contemporary art, which represents the current state of what is possible. The aluminium body of the MC da Vinci V2 is characterised by its extra hard, 30-micron thick ceramic coating that delivers extremely efficient resonance suppression. Its interior is so unique that it has been patented: eight magnets that provide massive focused field density guarantee perfect reproduction of audiophile recordings. The 24-carat gold coils of the MC da Vinci V2 are arranged in circular symmetry. This cartridge is an excellent example of combining cutting-edge research with meticulous craftsmanship to deliver outstanding results.

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Total mass: 7.0 gram
Frequency response: 20Hz - 100kHz
Output voltage (at 5cm/sec): 0.6mV
Channel separation: > 30dB
Channel balance: < 0.5dB
Tracking ability: 80μm
Recommended tracking force: 2.8g (± 0.2g)
Cartridge impedance: 50Ω
Cantilever / stylus shape: Boron / Gyger S double polished
Compliance: 15μ/mN
Coil assembly: Absolutely symmetrical design
Coil material: 24 carat gold
Cartridge body: Aluminium with 30 micron ceramic coating