IKIGAI Kinzan Ethernet

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KINZAN er opbygget ved at benytte endnu mere arbejdskrævende teknikker oven i vores Kangai-niveau. KINZAN kombinerer 5N sølv og vores nyeste generation 24k guld.

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This level is build up using even more labor intensive techniques on top of our Kangai level. It combines 5N Silver and 24KT gold. Specially treated to form a mono crystal wire. Each type of cable has filigree, or mixtures from filigree to thicker gauge strains of silver. Also pure cotton is used as a dielectric. The cotton is protected against the environment to keep its unique characteristics constant over time.

For interconnect cables we invested heavily in a new bonding technique. The connector contacts are welded to the wires to form a point to point connection, losing contact resistance and keeping the material properties on a same, high level.

KINZAN is based on a Gigabit shielding concept providing 5 different shields, but it only carries 2 pairs for 100Mbit connection. The pairs are also shielded from each other which makes it a unique cable. This topology is chosen because it’s the best way to transport audio in our research. The 100Mbit bandwidth is more than sufficient for all audio formats. The ethernet cable uses extra gauge filigree 5N pure silver. The silver core has a treatment to form a mono crystal wire. Each core has its own cotton dielectric protected from the moisture elements to keep the electric properties constant over time. Each pair has its own double EMI/RFI shielding. The shielding is aerospace approved. The KINZAN series uses our unique grounding system matching our KANGAI and KINZAN power cords.

100Mbit Ethernet:
Pure extra filigree 5N silver.
Extended and extensive recrystallization.
Triple EMI/RFI shielding.
Advanced crosstalk and phase shift rejection.
Telegärtner terminated. 
Ground termination system incl. ground termination wire.