Det er en skrøne, at der ikke kan være forskel på 0'er og 1'er! Har man først lyttet på forskellige switche og netværkskabler, så vil man ikke kigge tilbage. Aqvox er et tysk firma som arbejder intenst med optimering af netværksløsninger til transport af lyd. Reduktion af jitter, re-clocking af signal, støjfjernelse m.m. er parametre som har stor indflydelse på lydkvaliteten. Er du i tvivl, så lån en Aqvox-switch og oplev det selv.

- Internal Ultra-Low-Noise voltage regulation
- Jitter Reduction
- ReClocker
- Signal Shaper
- EMI Eleminator
- De-Noiser
- Modified/optimized external power supply

NOTICE regarding the D-link basis: We do not use the D-Link Switch as a base because it sounds better than other switches. The D-Link sounds just as bad as other models. We use the D-Link because our modifications are especially easy to implement here. To all who think the unmodified D-Link is a good choice - it is not. Even a sophisticated power supply just helps a little, compared to the huge effect of our modifications. And if you have a good NAS source, the unmodified D-Link even degrades the sound quality.

Ideal for connecting e.g. NAS, Server, Router, Streamer, DAC, HTPC, PC, TV etc. It improves video and sound reproduction (all video and audio formats, all resolutions). The network switch is a largely unnoticed device, but its function is essential to the quality of the transmitted media data. All Media that pass through this audiophile switch, experience a significant improvement in sound and video quality.

By using components from the audiophile technology in the power supply, plus innovative noise suppression concepts, AQVOX has achieved a quantum leap in the improvement of signal quality during the transmission of digital media data. The data packets experience a precise re-alignment. Sound and picture deteriorating noise (EMI), induced by sources such as PC, NAS, routers, and as well power cables, are largely eliminated.

- In the SE version, we have integrated our newly developed phase correction, which has been applied for the first time in the AQVOX USB Detoxer QL 2, which has contributed to more space and improved definition and impulse fidelity.
- The new, optimized oscillator, which we refined with a tuning, is a factor 10 more precise clock generator. More precise focus and definition is the benefit.
- We have optimized the peripheral circuitry of the switch controller chip with additional interference suppression components. A plus of room information.
- The internal power supply circuits are now carefully optimized with additional Ultra-Fast capacitors.
- The lining of the metal housing with butyl rubber and thereby silenced also contributed to the sound improvement. A more black background.
- We have also been able to optimize the power supply even further.

1000 Mbit/s - 1 Gigabit, up to 2000 Mbit/s - 2 Gigabit in full duplex mode
Galvanic isolation with signal transformers 1500 V withstanding voltage
Interference Suppression and Optimization
Jitter Reduction, ReClocker, Signal Shaper, De-Noiser.
Shielding Metal Case
Status LEDs for Speed, Active and Lock
Power-saving operation
Modified/optimized original external power supply** worldwide 100-240 V AC input, europlug - adapter will be needed
The Phase of the power-supply is marked with the AQVOX logo at one side
Improves video and sound reproduction (all video and audio formats, all resolutions)
Dimensions W x D x H: 16.2 x 10.5 x 3.1 cm (2.7 cm without feet)
Weight: 0.7 kg