PS Audio DirectStream DAC

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PS Audio DirectStream DAC er en prisbelønnet Fænomenal 32-bit DSD DAC med intern 20x upsampling. Kan udvides med streamerkort og understøtter MQA fuldt ud, Tidal, Tidal Masters, Spotify, VTuner, Qobuz og er selvfølgelig Roon-Ready.

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PS Audio DirectStream DAC er en prisbelønnet Fænomenal 32-bit DSD DAC med intern 20x upsampling. Kan udvides med streamerkort og understøtter MQA fuldt ud, Tidal, Tidal Masters, Spotify, VTuner, Qobuz og er selvfølgelig Roon-Ready.

"Give up vinyl finally" og "Never heard anything like it" er nogle af udtalelserne i en lang række af lovprisninger; Product of the Year i både Stereophile og The Absolute Sound. Darko Knock Out prisen og Editor's Choice samt GoldenEar priser - DirectStream DAC går sin sejrsgang i alle medier.

The DirectStream DAC is our reference standard D to A converter. It is unlike any standard chip-based DAC, and has received countless awards, worldwide.

DirectStream is one of the most remarkable DACS ever built as all the major reviewers agree. Hand written, discrete, perfection based conversion that uncovers all the missing information hiding in your digital audio media. CD’s, streaming audio, high-resolution PCM or DSD based media are expertly upsampled in the DirectStream to twenty times DSD rate and output as pure analog directly into your amplifier or preamplifier. There has never been a better sounding DAC at anywhere close to the price of DirectStream. It is the first choice of thousands of critical listeners worldwide, and with its ability to accept our free Operating System upgrades, will never become obsolete.

DirectStream converts every input signal, both PCM and DSD, to single-bit, high sample rate 20X DSD signal. Use of a FPGA rather than an off the shelf DAC chip provides immense processing power, resulting in complete lack of digital glare, and allows the owner to download OS updates as they are released.

DirectStream is the heart of a reference quality digital audio based system. It handles all PCM sources up to 352.8 kHz, and DSD 64 and 128 (USB and I2S) and DSD256 (I2S only, with the Sunlight OS). Its zero-loss digital volume control allows it to be used as a preamplifier, directly feeding a power amp. Include the Network Bridge to stream Qobuz, Tidal, and Spotify. Roon ready.

Class A+ Stereophile rated DirectStream DAC converts any digital input format from CDs, servers, and streamers, into a pure DSD format and outputs near-perfect analog directly to your power amplifier or preamplifier. Whatever the format, sample rate, or the medium, DirectStream provides a pure output that fulfills the promise of high-resolution analog performance from digital sources. DirectStream is the work of digital audio genius, Ted Smith. Unlike conventional DACs that rely upon off the shelf DAC chips, DirectStream is hand written onto a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). This allows far more precise and accurate processing of the digital signal, resulting in significantly better sound quality and upgradeability in the field. Every six months or so, Ted Smith's continual research into digital audio reproduction nets another breakthrough in performance. DirectStream DAC owners are given it free in the form of a downloadable upgrade. In this way, DirectStream owners can be assured that their unit will continue to improve over time, and never become obsolete. Hear what’s been missing in your music for all these years. If you know the sound of music and instruments, and want to hear what’s been missing on your discs, then this DAC is right for you.

PS Audio DirectStream DAC

Power requirements
Input Power: Model specific 100VAC, 120VAC, or 230VAC 50 or 60Hz
Power Consumption: 30W

Digital audio inputs
I2S(2), Coax, XLR Balanced, TOSLINK, USB, Network Bridge slot

Sample Rates
I2S, and USB — 44.1kHz to 352.8kHz 16bit, 24bit, DSD 64, DSD 128 (I2S DSD 256 with Sunlight update)
TOSLINK – 44.1kHz to 96kHz 16bit, 24bit
XLR (AES/EBU)S/PDIF (coax)– 44.1kHz to 192kHz 16bit, 24bit, DSD 64

Analog Audio Output
Connector: RCA/XLR Unbalanced /Balanced (X2)

Output level, low:
0.282 VRMS Balanced
0.141 VRMS Single Ended

Output level high, maximum:
2.818 VRMS Balanced
1.414 VRMS Single Ended

Output Impedance: 100Ω/200Ω
Frequency Response: 20-20KHz +/- 0.25dB
THD&IM @ 1KHz (full scale): <0.03%
Output Stage: Passive audio transformer, fed by high current, high speed analog amps producing double rate DSD.

Data Handling
Format: PCM or DSD
Sample rate (PCM): 44.1kHz, 48.0kHz, 88.2kHz, 96.0kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz
Word length (PCM): 16b, 18b, 20b, 24b
Data rate (DSD): Standard (2.8MHz) or Double (5.6MHz) DoP as well as raw DSD on I2S and USB inputs
Input jitter reduction: Effectively 100%, residual immeasurable. No input PLLs, FLLs.
Input Processing: 170MHz
Signal Processing: 50MHz
Synchronous Upsampling, all inputs: 28.224MHz
Digital Processing S/N ration: >146 dB
Digital Volume Control: Zero loss of precision
Analog Conversion method: Delta Sigma (DSD) Single-bit double rate

I2S Digital Input
Connector: HDMI
Format: PCM or DSD. DoP on all inputs as well as raw DSD on I2S inputs

USB Digital Input
Connector: USB “B” Type
Format: PCM or DoP v1.1 (DSD over PCM)
Transfer mode: Asynchronous

Unit Weight: 9.97 kg
Unit Dimensions: 36cm x 43cm x 10cm
Shipping Weight: 14 kg

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