PS Audio P15 Power Plant

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PS Audio P15 Power Plant er verdens næstkraftigste strømregenerator, kun overgået af P20 Power Plant. En P15 Power Plant har 5 individuelle zoner og 9 Schuko-udtag. Den byder på stor dynamik, fantastisk transparens og et holografisk lydbillede.

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PS Audio P15 Power Plant er verdens næstkraftigste strømregenerator, kun overgået af P20 Power Plant. En P15 Power Plant har 5 individuelle zoner og 9 Schuko-udtag. Den byder på stor dynamik, fantastisk transparens og et holografisk lydbillede.

Bygget i Boulder, Colorado. 1500 VA ydelse med 3600 watt peak. Passivt kølet. 100% regenereret AC med brug af MultiWave-funktionen. CleanWave-funktioner de-magnetiserer tilkoblet udstyr. Servicerbar via internettet. Justerbar ydelse.

Touch the large, full-color display on the front of the Power Plant and a whole world of opportunities open up. From here you can measure distortion, both incoming and outgoing, improvement levels, and power consumption. You can also change all your settings such as the turn on/off sequence, adjust the output voltage to the perfect level, turn individual zones on or off and measure the power quality with either the built-in oscilloscope or the THD analyzer. The P15’s front panel controls offer a wealth of options not normally associated with AC power products such as the ability to measure the distortion of the incoming and outgoing waveforms plus the ability to actually see the waveforms with the color oscilloscope.

MultiWave, one of the major advantages of generating new power from old is the ability to also generate new waveforms that enhance the capabilities of the power feeding your equipment. MultiWave extends the peak charging time of the sine wave so connected equipment has more energy storage and less power supply ripple. Turning MultiWave on is like adding a larger capacitor bank to your connected equipment’s power supply. The audible results are dramatic and produce a bigger soundstage that sounds far more natural than with a simple sine wave.

CleanWave is another unique feature to the Power Plants and helps connected equipment demagnetize their transformers. AC power is never quite symmetrical and the small asymmetry that occurs can magnetize connected power transformers. Activating CleanWave from either the Power Plant remote control or front panel touch screen can remove this problem from connected transformers resulting in far cleaner audio.

200 times lower output impedance. Low output impedance is critical to maintaining a dynamic and robust presentation. Dynamic sags in the power line occur whenever your power-hungry equipment demand power to drive your loudspeakers or projector causing noticeable degradation in the performance. Placing anything in the path of the power, like a power conditioner only worsens the problem.

A Power Plant, on the other hand, regulates the power and provides a constant output irregardless of the dynamic demands of power-hungry equipment or your neighbors. When your power amp is asked to produce loud orchestral levels you want to make sure it has all the power it needs. Power Plants have such low output impedance that even the hungriest of amplifiers won’t be starved for clean AC power. The results of feeding your equipment with low output impedance are dramatic: unrestrained dynamics even under the loudest passages, an open wide soundstage that does not collapse with volume and a naturalness to the music that is remarkable.

100% protection, owners who have invested in a Power Plant can rest assured their connected equipment will be safe from any power line event such as over voltage, under voltage, surges, spikes and potentially threatening problems.

The input voltage to the Power Plant is fully protected by state-of-the-art clamping devices and the output of the Power Plant is fully regulated so even large voltage swings that would normally damage connected equipment are made safe by either clamping or regulating. In most cases, connected equipment enjoys the protection and performance benefits of fully regulated power, even under extreme circumstances.

With a Power Plant, there’s no longer any need to worry about starting up a power hungry amplifier. Using the unique high current zone built into the Power Plant, even power amplifiers that might trip a home’s circuit breaker are soft started and power up as nice and polite as could be. This soft start feature also helps prolong the life of connected equipment from large inrush currents needed to fill up empty power supply capacitors.

You can monitor your power quality and performance of your equipment from the front panel of the P15 with both its real time distortion analyzer and working oscilloscope. Measure everything that’s going on affecting your system’s performance. You can also monitor and control your P15 over the internet from anywhere in the world.

The P15 will monitor your power line quality and report any problems to you through the web page, text alerts or emails sent anywhere you wish. It’s up to you. The P15’s real-time and on-line measurement system includes surges, voltage levels, power usage and power quality as measured by THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) on the line.

The data is stored on our servers and available via the web interface for the P15. Customers can look at power quality over time, or drill down to specific times of day to find out if there’s a problem involving the home’s power. Sagging voltages, high distortion and multiple brownouts are occurring more than one might think. With the installation of a P15 in the system, you can accurately record events and present them to the utility company for repair or just keep a log.

Environment Specification
Location: Indoor use only
Duty Cycle: Suitable for continuous operation
Moisture Sensitivity: Not sealed against moisture
Operating Humidity: <80%rh
Storage Temperature: -40C to +40C
Operating Temperature: 0C to 40C
Max Operating Altitude: 12,000’ (3500m)
Electrical Supply Nominal Rating: 230V 10A 50/60Hz

Instrument Specification
Unit Dimensions: 43cm W x 36cm D x 21.5 cm H
Unit Weight: 33 kg
Shipping Weight: 38 kg
Nominal Input Voltage: 200 –285VAC
Maximum Continuous Load: 1500VA
Maximum Peak Load:: 3600VA
Voltage Regulation: 1V
Output Distortion (Resistive Load): <0.9%
Output Distortion (Reactive Load): <0.9% / 0.2% typical
Output Impedance: <0.008 ohm
Noise Reduction: 100kHz – 2MHz >80dB
Efficiency @1200 VA: >85%
Input Frequency: 45 – 65 Hz
Under Voltage Limit: Continuous -10% of setting 15 sec duration -15% of setting
Over Voltage Limit: Continuous 5% of setting 15 sec duration 10% of setting
Energy Dissipation: 3670J
Peak Current Surge: 84,000A
Max Surge Voltage: 6,000V
Clamp Level: 800V
DC Trigger Configuration: Tip Positive
DC Trigger Voltage: 5 – 15Vdc