PS Audio Stellar Strata Integrated

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Den meget populære Stellar-serie fra PS Audio er udvidet med en strømstærk 2 x 100 watt integreret forstærker med 32-bit DSD-DAC og hi-res streaming. Forstærkeren er baseret på PS Audio's GainCell og Analog Cell teknologier.

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Den meget populære Stellar-serie fra PS Audio er udvidet med en strømstærk 2 x 100 watt integreret forstærker med 32-bit DSD-DAC og hi-res streaming. Forstærkeren er baseret på PS Audio's GainCell og Analog Cell teknologier.

The Stellar™ Strata™ combines the benefits of an exceptional analog preamplifier, a full-featured state-of-the-art DAC, a stereo 150 watt per channel power amplifier, and a high-resolution streaming module in one gorgeous package. Just add speakers. Have your own source? No problem. Strata offers 3 analog and 5 digital inputs to connect whatever source you need. Strata’s fully balanced analog preamplifier circuitry, state-of-the-art DAC, no compromise high-definition streamer, and Analog Cell™ based power amplifier create an extraordinarily rich, full-bodied musical experience few products can match. The Stellar Strata is the perfect foundation for those unwilling to compromise sound quality. Rich. Lush. Powerful. A music lover’s answer to spiraling cost-no-object equipment without sacrifice.

The idea of combining a cutting edge DAC, full-featured analog preamplifier, high-definition streaming module, and a robust 200 watt per channel power amplifier was the basis of the Stellar Strata™ design imperative. We wanted an easy, simple, no-compromise musical experience whether streaming high-resolution audio from Tidal or Qobuz, exploring the millions of choices on Spotify, or plugging into a Stellar Phono. “Just add speakers” became engineering’s rallying cry. Strata holds true to its promise of easy connectivity. Download the PS Connect app onto your mobile device, point Strata to your home WIFI network, connect your speakers or headphones, and music filled with the rich textures and toe-tapping energy you’ve always hoped for will delight even the most critical music lover.

Audiophiles have long recognized the challenge of interconnecting multiple systems into a single synergistic musical experience. Interconnect choices, power supply options, and chassis isolation requirements all play into the building of a truly musical system—get any one part wrong and the system performance is compromised. Not so with Stellar Strata. The chance for PS Engineering to optimize the audio synergy between Strata’s four separate systems was immediately appealing: eliminate the variability of interconnection issues, voice the entire system as one component, optimize power supplies, control every aspect of sound quality up to the speakers.

At this instrument’s heart is the analog GainCell™. Developed by PS Audio founder Paul McGowan, the Gain Cell™ elegantly solves the fundamental problem facing preamp designers. Volume control. Nearly all analog preamplifiers use additional sonically-degrading elements inserted in the signal path to control volume. The Gain Cell eliminates this problem without additional circuitry in the signal path by varying its gain in response to front panel controls.

Integrated into this analog preamplifier is a stunning, Bob Stadtherr designed, Darren Myer’s voiced, DAC. Based on industry-leading Sabre32 bit Hyperstream architecture, Strata relies upon a fully balanced Class A analog output stage with multiple power supplies, independent jitter-reduced inputs, DSD, I2S, and asynchronous USB.

Once the high definition streaming module or connected source has passed through the Class A analog preamplifier, it’s time to connect to your speakers. Here, engineer Darren Myers used the Analog Cell where he could lavish upon the music the sweet, tube-like quality of Class A biased MOSFETs. Combined with the ruler flat high linearity of Strata’s high current output stage, richly overlayed layers of music’s inner details are preserved even in the most complex orchestral crescendos.

There’s nothing like Strata when it comes to musicality. It’s an all-in-one high-resolution audio solution just waiting for you to connect your speakers. Bring it on!

This product qualifies for our risk free in-home trial in the continental United States when purchased directly from PS Audio. And, trade in and save. Let us repurchase your old equipment at its full and original retail price. We’ll give it a good home and make sure you have the best power in the world. Just click the green Trade Up and Save button above these words to take advantage.

PS Audio Stellar Strata Integrated

Power requirements
Input Power: Model specific 100VAC, 120VAC, or 230VAC 50 or 60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption: 500W
Mains Power Input: IEC C14
100V T250V-2.0AH (5A Slow Blow)
120V T250V-1.6AH (4.5A Slow Blow)
230V T250V-1.0AH (2.5A Slow Blow)
Accessories included:
US (NEMA 5-15P) (all versions)
Schuko (CEE7/7) (230V version)
UK (BS1363) (230V version)

Analog inputs
RCA: 3 stereo pair
XLR: 1 stereo pair

Digital audio inputs
1 PCM (384KHz max)
DSD64 DSD128
Compatible with DirectStream Transport SACD handshake for DSD playback
Coax: 2 PCM (192KHz max)
Optical: 1 PCM (96KHz max)
PCM (384KHz max)
DSD64 (DoP) DSD128 (DoP)
Format: PCM, DSD

Analog Audio Outputs
RCA : (Analog Unbalanced) 1 stereo pair
Headphones: One 1/4″ headphone connector front panel

Analog Performance
Gain: 12dB +/-0.5dB
Maximum output: 20 Vrms
Sensitivity: 5.3Vrms
Input Impedance:
47KΩ single ended RCA
100KΩ Balanced XLR
Output Impedance:
100Ω single ended RCA
200Ω balanced XLR
Frequency Response:
20Hz – 20KHz +0/- 0.25dB
10Hz – 100KHz +0.1/-3.0dB
Noise: 20-20KHz <-90dBV
S/N Ratio: 1KHz >110dB (max output)
Channel separation: 1KHz >90dB
Input separation: 1KHz >90dB
1KHz < 0.025%
20-20KHz < 0.05%

Headphone performance
Output power @1% THD:
300Ω 300mW
16Ω 3.25W
S/N Ratio: 1kHz
>95dB (max output)
THD & IM 1Vrms out:
300Ω <0.05%
16Ω <0.06%
Output impedance: <4 Ω

WiFi: 100 mbps
Ethernet: 100 mbps

Power Amplifier
< 0.02% @ 1KHz, 1W/4Ω
< 0.02% @ 10-20KHz, 1W/4Ω
< 0.05% (90kHz BW) @ 10-50 KHz, 1W/4Ω
< 0.01% @ 1KHz, 37.5W/4Ω
Output Power:
Both channels driven 120vac mains, 1kHz, 1% THD
100W minimum @ 8Ω
200W minimum @ 4Ω
Stable for musical transients@ 2Ω

Volume Control: 0-100 (1/2 and 1dB steps, 80dB total range)
Balance Control: 24dB each direction in 1/2dB steps
Home Theater Mode:
Assignable to any analog input
Adjustable (in setup) to any level
Polarity (phase) Control: Digital sources only
Filter Control: 3 selectable digital filters (PCM digital sources only)
Trigger output: (3.5mm 5-15VDC) 2
Remote Control: Infrared

- High resolution up to 96kHz
- Tidal
- Qobuz
- Spotify
- Napster
- iHeart Radio
- Music Shares on local network
- DLNA sources

Unit Weight: 6.1 kg
Unit Dimensions: 432x305x82 mm
Shipping Weight: 7.7 kg