Vertere DG-1S Dynamic Groove inkl. tonearm og pickup, hvid

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DG-1S Dynamic Groove pladespilleren er nyeste skud på stammen og en stor opgradering af den tidligere DG-1. DG-1S-forbedringerne giver afspilning i højere opløsning, større dynamiske kontraster, forbedret stereoadskillelse med større præcision samtidig med at musikaliteten bevares.

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DG-1S Dynamic Groove pladespilleren er nyeste skud på stammen og en stor opgradering af den tidligere DG-1. Nem at benytte og med masser af innovation fra de større modeller.

DG-1S-forbedringerne giver afspilning i højere opløsning, større dynamiske kontraster, forbedret stereoadskillelse med større præcision samtidig med at musikaliteten bevares.

Hvorfor købe en Vertere DG-1S Dynamic Groove?

- Den er enkel - highend med stor ydelse, direkte ud af kassen.
- Den er sofistikeret - innovativ teknologi samlet i et enkelt og moderne design.
- Den er præcis - fuldt mikroprocessorstyret og programmerbar, fremtidens løsning.
- Den er fornøjelig - enestående platform til at bringe liv i din pladesamling.
- Opgradering af den tidligere DG-1 på en række områder

Leveres som standard som Magneto Pack inkl. Vertere GrooveRunnerS tonearm, støvlåg, 1 meter D-Fi RCA-RCA-kabel samt 1,2 meter jordkabel. Leveres som standard med Vertere Magneto MM-pickup.

Redline Pack: Som Magneto Pack men tilføjet Stylus Balance nåletryksvægt, Technomat måtte, IsoPaws afkoblingsfødder og Redline tonearmskabel.

Sabre Pack: Som Redline Pack men med Sabre High-End MM pick-up.

Kan også leveres med mange forskellige pickup'er mod merpris. Kontakt os for rådgivning.

The DG-1 Simprovements bring higher resolution replay, greater dynamic contrasts,and improved stereo separation with greater precisionwhile simultaneouslykeeping the musicality the DG-1 delivers with great aplomb.

Summary of the DG-1 SImprovements
Improved platter bearing–The precision machining and polishing operations havea higher tolerance with the variation halved statistically. The super smooth finish bore with the precisionTungsten.

Carbide interference fit ball deliverslower noise, lower rumble, a lower effort for the motor and less rotational variability.

Groove Runner Stonearm–The arm beam is now constructed from a five-layer polymer laminate bonded to a second five-layer polymer laminate. The PCB flex signal carrier is bonded in-between the two laminates. The profile of the arm and bearing has improved the counterweight/bearing/headshell/cartridge alignment.

Improved tonearm bearings – The Vertical Kevlar thread bearing is now adjustable for tension and azimuth. The Horizontal nylon thread bearing is now fitted with greater precision to ensure even greaterconsistency.

New Motor Drive softwareallows separate adjustment in two steps,initially the sinewave voltage and then the cosinewaveadjustment at the final stage for the absolute lowest noise and vibration.

Improved coupling between the three plinths–improves resistive damping and reduces noise.

Background to the design
Vertere Acoustics is best known for its extreme high-end designs loved by audiophiles worldwide. The Reference RG-1 Turntable and the Reference Tonearm compete on equal terms with the world'sbest.

The new DG-1 S Dynamic Groove Record Player targetsa less extreme customer driven by performance who almost needsPlug and Play setup. FromVertere'sresearch, this customer wants ease of setup and use but not at the expense of future upgradeability.

To design a record player including Magneto cartridge when the brand'sexisting designs can sell for £200k requires a back-to-fundamentals approach. Taking his existing ideas, reducingmaterial quality,and slackening tolerances would not be the Touraj way.

Back to fundamentals involved examining every design element, rethinking the wayturntables work, and removing every superfluous element that got in the way of the ultimate aim: getting the listener as close as possible to their music.

Everything has been redesigned and re-engineered, fromthe plinth to the arm and its bearings, developing some of the basic principles of a record-playing system while completely rethinking others.

The result is an elegant turntable that looks like no other.Itdraws on the engineering of the reference models to deliver outstanding performance and ease of operation at a newly affordable price.

"The job of a record player is very simple and very linear,"says Touraj Moghaddam,"the most accurate measurement of something goingpast the stylus and throwing it from side to side over 1000 times every centimetre."


The new DG-1 S design in detail
- Advanced,improved, microprocessor-generatedelectronic motor drive for the best possible drive
- Fully Programmable and Copper/Stainless Steel shielded Motor Drive PCB –allowing for future upgrades
- Low voltage 24 Pole Precision Synchronous Motor, with its dedicated motor drivesupply precisely adjusted for lowest motor noise and vibration
- Improved super-accuracy polished stainless steel, high aspect ratio, main bearing spindle and main bearing housing with Tungsten Carbide super-precision Ball
- High precision CNC machined aluminium alloy drive pulley
- High Precision Machined Aluminium Alloy Platter with bonded PETG Record Interface Mat and Cork/Neoprene/Nitrile bonded underside plus resonance control disk
- Noiseless and Stictioneliminating Thread Tonearm Bearings,each made up of hundreds of 3 microns thick twined Nylon 6.6/6 strandshorizontal and two Kevlar threads vertical
- Twin Bonded five-layer Polymersandwich non-resonant Tonearm Beam
- One piece, Gold Plated Flexible PCB Tonearm Internal Wiring
- Stainless Steel Main Balancing Counterweight and Tracking Adjustment Weightwith azimuth adjustment
- Non-resonant, triple sandwich Cast Acrylic Main and Sub Plinth structure with improved intercoupling and coupling to the steel main-chassis for rigidity and structural support
- Three new design adjustable feet with Resistive Felt Pads
- Low frequency compliant, Tuned Silicone rubber integrated isolation system
- Bespoke clear precision silicone rubber round 'belt'–stable with temperature and humidity
- Programmable Standby light
- 33/45 touch button speed selector
- Non-resonant clear Polycarbonatedust cover with elegant Integrated hinges
- Multi-voltage, Multi-plug Mains Power Adaptor –suitable for almost any regionor can be upgraded with the Challenger power supply