Vertere Super Groove Precision tonearm

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Vertere Super Groove Precision tonearmen drager enorm fordel af udviklingen bag Vertere Reference tonearmen og byder på en ydelse i prisklassen som bliver svær at overgå.

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Vertere Super Groove Precision tonearmen drager enorm fordel af udviklingen bag Vertere Reference tonearmen og byder på en ydelse i prisklassen som bliver svær at overgå.

For at opnå denne musikalske performance, benytter Vertere Super Groove Precision tonearmen en kombination af kvalitetsmaterialer som oprullede carbon-fibre, rustfrit stål, aluminium og silikonenitrit. Det unikke lejedesign og versatile antiskate-justering gør denne tonearm til en ideel partner for en hvilken som helst highend pladespiller.

Hvorfor købe en referencetonearm?

- Super Groove Precision Tri-point artikuleret leje eliminere tab af information.
- Ikke-resonant, stift carbonfiber armrør.
- Biaskurve-justerbar antiskating mekanisme.
- Afkoblet kontravægt i rustfrit stål.
- Justeringsring til fintuning af nåletryk med resonanskontrol af arm/pickup.

Super Groove Precision tonearm bearing: The unique Tri Point Articulated (TPA) bearing is comprised of three precision silicon nitride balls and stainless pivot. The pivot point centred between the balls provides flawless support and articulation. TPA eliminates bearing point ‘skating’ and allows the stylus to track the most delicate pieces of information that are typically lost with uni-pivot designs. This ensures accurate play back due to the strict adherence of the stylus to the record groove.

Super Groove Precision tonearm tube & headshell: Roll wrapped carbon fibre is used in the construction of the arm tube. This provides higher strength and more homogenous fibre structure than a Pultruded or moulded equivalent. The head-shell is machined from aluminium alloy and connected to the arm tube via structurally bonded alloy end insert. Naturally non-resonant and higher strength to weight ratio of this configuration provides the optimum cartridge platform.

Aluminium Bearing yoke and stainless pillar: The bearing pivot is structurally bonded to the aluminium alloy yoke. The yoke assembly provides the support required for the arm tube, the main counterweight and the anti-skate mechanism. The pivot point and the counterweight centre of gravity are vertically positioned to be as low as possible. This in turn retains the tonearm in its most stable position.

Arm/Cartridge resonance frequency & fine tracking weight adjustment: An adjustable and de-coupled stainless ring allowed to move along the arm tube provides fine tracking weight adjustment. The relative position of this ring and of the main counterweight can also be used to alter the arm/cartridge resonance frequency and optimise play back performance.

Super Groove Precision Tonearm Main Counterweight: Attention to detail is clearly seen in the polished stainless steel counterweight and peg. Two pairs of silicone de-coupling rings are neatly sandwiched between three machined Acetal retainers to provide the necessary grip for location and the required isolation of the counterweight.

Tonearm lift/lower mechanism plate assembly: Bespoke components are used for every part of the Super Groove Precision Tonearm. These include its machined Acetal arm clip and polished stainless steel cueing device.

Internal Wiring & Contact Connectors: Both the cartridge tags and the 5-pin connector pins are designed, machined and gold plated to our exact specifications for the Super Groove PTA tonearm. The 5-pin connector main body is also machined form solid PTFE for its superior di-electric characteristics. There are two options available for the internal wiring of the Super Groove Precision tonearm:

- Standard Pulse wiring
- Reference Hand-built Pulse wiring (mod merpris)

Vertere Super Groove PTA tonearm

Tri Point Articulated

Effective Length


Offset Angle

Aluminium Alloy (Titanium on PTA HB tonearm)

Arm Tube
Wrapped Carbon Fibre

Bearing Yoke Structure
Aluminium Body

Bearing Type
Captive silicon Nitride Ball (x3) Precision

Counter Weight
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel T/W Adj. Sleeve

Internal Wiring
Pulse Hand-built or Standard

Proprietary Cartridge Tags & 5-Pin
x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts

Tonearm Cable
Pulse Hand-built, Pulse-R, Pulse-B or D-Fi